Established in 1999, Hemei Group carries forward advanced production technologies and management essence, relies on famous scientific research institutes and institutes of higher learning at home, deepens, reforms and develops its business management thoughts and keeps innovating its technologies. Hemei Group has clung to a corporate development philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation, environment protection, energy saving, clean production and regulation and standardization" and kept expanding the market with the goal of "providing our clients with outstanding products and services with stable quality". Hemei Group is well-known at the high end of the industry for its "technology, quality, environment friendliness". It tries to become a pioneer for new technologies, new products, new processes and new equipment in Chinese architectural ceramics industry.

Hemei Group boasts a strong R&D power and an independent engineering technology R&D center as well as an internationalized elite management team. The company's production base is located at Guanyao of Foshan and occupies an area of hundreds of thousands of ㎡. It is a large modern production base of high-tech building ceramics integrating design, R&D, production and marketing. The company is equipped with advanced ceramics production equipment such as a complete series of production lines that are up to the highest standard of the industry, internally advanced large high-tonnage press, high-speed digital inkjet printing system for ceramics and printing machines. Complete with advanced roller kiln, it is one of the world's largest manufacturing enterprises of ceramic wall and floor tiles.

Hemei Group has a complete and mature selling network, which forms a huge selling force that filtrates to Tier 1, 2 and 3 markets of large, medium and small sized cities. It has established a friendly international trade partnership with several countries. It is deeply and highly praised by clients from all over the world for its quality products with a high cost performance. Hemei Group strictly designs its factories and production layout in accordance with ISO14001 Environment Management System and ISO 9001:2000 Quality Control System. It has taken the initiative to realize clean production in the industry and set an example of clean, environment-friendly and energy-saving production for the industry. It has won numerous honorary titles such as "High-tech Enterprise of Guangdong Province"; its new product energy-saving and environment-friendly "ceramic-coating composite board" has won a second prize for technological progress of Guangdong Province and will be listed into the science and technology plan projects of Foshan City and Guangdong Province.

At present, Hemei Group has managed to construct a pattern of all product lines integrating products such as ceramic chip, polished tile, all-glazed ceramics, microlite, archaized tile, wood grain tile, marble ceramic tile and diamond ceramic tile. Relying on advanced equipment and high and new technologies, outstanding product quality, a strong awareness of pre-sale, on-purchase and after-sale services, Hemei Group has become a producer well-known and reliable to each household.

Since its establishment, Hemei Group keeps growing among the strong rivals. It has developed into a brand pattern with three major brands, Taocheng Ceramic Tile, Hemei Ceramic Tile and Baihe Ceramic Tile and take a greater initiative in the market.

Established in 1987, Town Ceramic has always put product quality at the first position. The brand has grown and developed for over two decades and cultivated a deep cultural deposit of Taocheng, accumulated rich managerial and selling experience, gathered up a large batch of ceramics elites and talents and become one of the strongest brands in the industry.

Homei Ceramics is a well-known popular brand in the industry. Its products are mainly geared to younger customers who earn an upper middle income, has received a relatively high education and attaches importance to product performance. All the time, the brand of Hemei Ceramics clings to a fashionable and customer-friendly style and establishes its competitiveness and appeal in the high-end consumption market for its quality products, reasonable price and outstanding service.

Wenni Ceramics has formed its own product style in carrying forward the traditional culture and innovating the modern ceramics. Running under the spirit of "Oriental Harmony Culture", it has truly highlighted the artistic realm of Chinese people "The morality of men should conform to the virtues of the heaven and earth, the brightness of the sun and moon, and the sequence of four seasons". It has infected the customers for its perfect interpretation of the truth of happiness and worked ceaselessly for the common goal of "spreading harmony and happiness to all households".

ADDR:Building 1,Taonan Road,Huaxia Ceramics ExhibitionCenter,Nanzhuang Town,Chancheng Destrict,Foshan,Guangdong,China
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